20.142. Black and White Nerikomi Bowl. ‘Chequer Board’

This was definitely a labour of love as assembling the linear black and white lines into a chequered board effect needed a fair amount of control on my part. No way could the clay be spontaneous and have a mind of its own.  The patterning complimented the shape of the bowl and I was pleased with the result.

Height 11cm. Width 22cm. Depth 20cm.

Price: £60.00

19.140. Nerikomi Tapas Bowl. ‘Square Up!’

Creating the square patterns for this bowl was fun and I wanted to make a statement so decided to create a centre motif that  dwarfed the surrounding patterns. The patterns were made by layering the coloured clay and then extruding them through a square disk. The square tube is then cut and the pieces are assembled to create the pattern.

Height 5cm. Diameter 20cm.

Price: £40.00

21.25. Red, White and Black Trapezium Pot. ‘Swirls’

Moving away from more ‘curvy’ pots I have been experimenting with angular shapes and seeing how the  more spontaneous swirls of the agate patterns compliment the rigid form. The addition of a spiral neck also joins in the challenge.

NB. Worthy of note I used the wrong terracotta clay to make the top and neck and used one that had quite a lot of grog in it. It is very rough but I quite liked the contrast to the smooth body.

Height 20cm. Width 11cm. Depth 11cm.

Price: £45.00


21.20. Square Agate Pot. ‘Flowing’.

The black, white and red clay are merged together to create a swirl of flowing colour. This is set within a square frame and  a black spiral neck is added to create contrast to the sharp sides of the shape.

Height 17cm. Width 9cm. Depth 10cm.

Price: £45.00