21.25. Red, White and Black Trapezium Pot. ‘Swirls’

Moving away from more ‘curvy’ pots I have been experimenting with angular shapes and seeing how the  more spontaneous swirls of the agate patterns compliment the rigid form. The addition of a spiral neck also joins in the challenge.

NB. Worthy of note I used the wrong terracotta clay to make the top and neck and used one that had quite a lot of grog in it. It is very rough but I quite liked the contrast to the smooth body.

Height 20cm. Width 11cm. Depth 11cm.

Price: £45.00


21.20. Square Agate Pot. ‘Flowing’.

The black, white and red clay are merged together to create a swirl of flowing colour. This is set within a square frame and  a black spiral neck is added to create contrast to the sharp sides of the shape.

Height 17cm. Width 9cm. Depth 10cm.

Price: £45.00

18.62. Spiral Agate Vase. – ‘Spiralling Upwards’.

This piece of agate work was selected by The Cooper Gallery to celebrate the achievements of many women over the last 100 years.

The shape and pattern start at the base and then spiral upwards – a symbol of women, who against many odds have made their mark and who are an inspiration to others.

Height 27cm. Diameter 9cm.

Price: £80.00