Cooper Gallery.

At the beginning of the year 2018, The Cooper Gallery in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, invited local female artists to submit work to be considered for inclusion in a very special exhibition. The question they posed was ‘In 100 years, how have attitudes changed?’ Successful entries are displayed in ‘Vote100 – A Century of Change’ which celebrates the achievements of women over the last century. The exhibition runs from Thursday, 25th October to Thursday 20th December 2018.

I submitted my application and was delighted to be accepted. I then had to apply my mind to creating 3 pieces of agateware that met the brief.  I decided they would be entitled ‘Soaring Free’.

The three agateware pieces celebrate the changing role of women by abstract shape and pattern. They acknowledge the work and dedication of women, who over the last 100 years have fought for the emancipation of womankind so that today many can choose their own destiny and fly high.

This agate abstract piece is entitled ‘Surfing’ and symbolises women’s adventurous spirit. It celebrates how many have ridden the highs and lows like surfing waves and been an inspiration to others.

The second piece is a circular agate bowl – ‘Centre of Life’ which symbolises that many women throughout the world have started small but travel upwards. Their impact on humankind has been both beautiful and practical.

The third is an agate spiral vase – ‘Spiralling Upwards’. The cylindrical shape and pattern starts rising slowly but swiftly moves up to a point that symbolises the journey that emancipated womankind has travelled over the last 100 years.