My Agate Work.

Please note, if you are interested in any pots that are recorded in ‘My Agate Work’ but are not included in ‘Work for Sale’ please let me know and I am happy to make a similar pot for you. Please note that because of the nature of agateware no two pots can ever be the same – each pot is unique.

15.01 'Sun Flares'
15.02 'Rock Striations'
16.01 Hand Built Coil Pot
16.02 Agate Fruit Bowl - 'Red Sky at Night
16.04 Agate bowl. 'Swirls of the Sea'
16.09 Agate Platter - 'Ebb and Flow'
16.13. Pebble Pot - 'Memories of the Sea'
16.14. Pebble Pot - ‘Ebb and Flow’
17.102. Medium Pebble Pot - 'Off Centre'.
17.28. Agate pot - 'Zebra'
17.36. Agate bowl - 'Rock Pool'
17.52. Agate 'Zebra' Fruit Bowl
17.55. Agate pot - ‘Nomad’
17.65. Agate Pot - 'Sand Storm'
17.66. Pebble Pot - 'Flashes of Blue'
17.77. Small square agate bowl - 'Abstract'
17.83. Large 'Winged' Agate Bowl - 'Light and Shade'.
17.88. Large 'Winged' Agate Bowl - 'Stripes for Ever'.
17.89. Medium Vase - 'Circles of Life'.
17.94.Medium Square Agate Bowl - 'Flowing Lights'.