19.25. Pebble Vase. ‘Spirals’.

Unique small ‘Pebble’  vase with white agate inlay.  I have experimented with my ‘Pebble Pot’ shape and  added a neck.  The shape reflects the North African influence on my work.

Height 12cm – Diameter 11cm

Price: £45.00.

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17.65. Agate Pot – ‘Sand Storm’


Sand storms were a constant feature in North Africa and often the the miniture whirlpools of sand would be broken with glimses of blue of the sky.

The pot is made from spiralling red, white and black clay with flashes of blue body stain. The interior of the pot is glazed whilst the outside is left unglazed and has a slightly rough texture rather like sand.

Height 16cm. Width 23cm.

Price: £60.00